Swim to Liverpool – at Bramley Baths

This year’s sponsored swim on 16th September has an ambitious idea associated to it. If we added up all the lengths and widths we’ve swum, how far along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal could we get? It’s a mere 128 miles to Liverpool by canal – we’ll be there in no time!

The swim takes place from 1-4pm on Sunday 16th September or you can swim in your own time – just let us know so we can cheer you on and add the distance you’ve swum to the map.

To take part in the sponsored swim, which is definitely not in the canal, and definitely is at Bramley Baths, grab a sponsorship form from Bramley Baths reception (or email friendsofbramleybaths@gmail.com), and invite your friends, colleagues and neighbours to cheer you on by sponsoring you. They can come along and support you in person from the balcony and we’ll be serving up tea and cake to keep everyone’s energy levels up.

If you’d prefer to bake than swim – and can donate a cake or some buns for the participants and supporters, please email friendsofbramleybaths@gmail.com

Come on Team BB!


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