Submerged: UnderWater Exhibition at Bramley Baths

Photo by Lizzie Coombes for Submerged: UnderWater Exhibition at Bramley Baths

This weekend, something very special is stirring at Bramley Baths. If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a free underwater exhibition by I Love West Leeds Festival, which will transform the pool into a water-filled gallery. Pack your speedos, and take a dip to look at Lizzie Coombes‘s wonderful photographs taken at Bramley Baths during Water Music – the event everyone talks about – when the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra floated on the surface of the pool, playing Handel’s Water Music to passing swimmers. When you dip your head under the water to look at the photos, listen out…..

Friends of Bramley Baths are supporting I Love West Leeds Arts Festival to present Submerged, this Saturday and Sunday, 3-7pm. The festival is one of the most imaginative we know of, and we’re delighted to be working with them on this event. It’s the start of things to come too, as we’re currently plotting some cheeky new events together for the New Year.

The FoBB volunteers are pulling on their tracksuits for some playful stuff in the fitness room too this weekend. You can enroll in a hula-hoop fitness class (it works!) led by Pete White, get competitive over ping pong, test your skills on the static bike, or enjoy a free 10 minute steam in the Russian Steam Room. On Sunday, join Andy Phillips for a guided tour of the plant and pool room – and find out why the water turns grey when you’ve swum in it, and how they polish it up to make it cleaner than the water in your taps.

We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new people and proving why we love this baths so much. We’re also looking forward to chatting with people who use the baths about the plans when the building opens it’s doors on 1 January 2013 to a fresh start and as a new social enterprise. Come and tell us your ideas for original ways to exercise, tell us about your group or business and how they might benefit and get involved in the new enterprise, or just come and say hello and have some fun!

Submerged: UnderWater Exhibition by I Love West Leeds Arts Festival

Sat 20 and Sun 21 October
Bramley Baths, Broad Lane, LS13 3DF


*due to pool capacity there may be a wait at busy times to enter the water but we have tea and cake to pass the time and tours of the building too!


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