Hoopla at Bramley Baths

Photo of Hula Hoop stack

More and more people are looking to combine exercise with something abit different and fun. For some people that means entering a bike race or joining a Zumba class. We invited visitors at the Submerged Underwater Exhibition to try out hula hooping as a way to get fit. Hooping is a really good all-over workout, and at a gentle pace will burn about 400 calories per hour. As a result of a very positive reaction from lots of people who had a go, Pete White and his hoops are back to lead three classes at Bramley Baths each week.

The classes are designed for adults and to build pupils up from beginner to expert. If the thought of a workout class leaves you grimacing, we challenge you to be converted by Pete and his hoops.

Join the hoopla!

Hoop Dance Exercise is one of a range of exercise classes offered daytimes & evenings, 6 days a week at Bramley Baths. Hoop Dance is led by Pete White: Wednesdays, 11am-12noon and Thursdays at 6.15-7.15pm or 7.15pm-8.15pm. £4.00 per person. Hoops provided. Booking needed – call 0113 214 6000.


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