Rachel Reeves MP and Cllr Ted Hanley Inspect the Pirate Ship

Photo of Danny Whiteley, Rachel Reeves MP & Cllr Ted Hanley at Bramley Baths

Danny Whiteley, Rachel Reeves MP & Cllr Ted Hanley at Bramley Baths.

The new floating obstacle course drew in hundreds of swimmers last week during half term, not least Rachel Reeves MP and Councillor Ted Hanley, who dropped in for a closer inspection of the pirate ship that had washed up in our nets. They weren’t the first adults to express interest in the pirate ship – our twitter and facebook feeds were full of requests by adults asking to join in and talking ‘pirate’. (Avast ye!)

“This is a great way for young people to enjoy their free time and a fantastic example of people working together to make health-equality a reality’, said Rachel. “The sponsored swimmers and fundraisers who gave their time and commitment to raising the funds for this, should be very proud.” Thanks Rachel – we agree!

And if you’re wondering why Danny, Rachel and Ted are looking up at the ceiling, there’s a photographer from the Yorkshire Evening Post on the balcony calling the shots. Well done Captain Danny & his crew for making it a really memorable half term.

Shiver Me Timbers is available for children’s pool parties – imagine that! Email hello@bramleybaths.com or call 0113 214 6000 to save the date if your kids or grandchildren have a birthday coming up.


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