Try Something New at Bramley Baths

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4 thoughts on “Try Something New at Bramley Baths

  1. Hello i am seeking price and availability on Saturday 27 April 2013 to book the pool for an event How much would this cost and what time would the pool be available? I look forward to hearing from you Clare


  2. i am seriously considering moving to the area but as i am unemployed i find your memberships very expensive. where i presently live i can swim as much as i wish for 12 pounds a month. i think it may be a good idea to consider similar help for those on certain benefits in your centre as exercise is very important for everybodys’ health…..especially those suffering from anxiety and depression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Lorna. Absolutely agree with you about making fitness and health affordable – especially in the circumstances you’re talking about. We’re doing all we can, as an independent, not-for-profit enterprise (we’re not subsidized by the Council or central government but we still try to keep our prices as affordable as possible). We offer discounts on pay-as-you-go prices with a LeedsCard Extra which is free and you can ask for it if you’re claiming benefits. It would mean that you could swim here for £2.30 rather than £3.90 and you can also use the LCExtra to get discounts on fitness classes (£2.40 each instead of £4), kids swimming lessons (£3 each instead of £5), and on the steam room (£3 instead of £5). This would mean you could swim once a week for £9.20 a month – which I really hope would go some way towards helping? What do you think? Fran

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