Swim-Along-Cinema at Bramley Baths



3 thoughts on “Swim-Along-Cinema at Bramley Baths

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  2. Hello we are visiting your area from new Zealand in late August/September. i recently heard of your movie events on our national radio, we are traveling with my 10 year old niece. Kate is an exceptionally good swimmer and the thought of visiting to coincide with a movie showing would be fabulous!
    Please let me know if these will be happening around the dates of our visit and we will come and visit!
    Many thanks,
    Susan Barter

    • Dear Susan, thanks for getting in touch and we’re delighted to hear this. The date for the next swim-along-cinema is not confirmed yet, but it’s likely to be in the Autumn not during August/September – I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I hope you’ll still come to see us as there will be lots of activities going on in the summer for young people. I’ll post the activities programme up shortly so that you can see what’s coming. Please do let us know if you’re coming – we’d love to meet you all and say hello! And, we can recommend Hyde Park Picture House for a wonderful old fashioned cinema experience with new films (minus the water) while you’re here – like us they’re very old but full of beans!

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