Monthly Memberships

Regular users of Bramley Baths can save money with a monthly membership package to use the pool, gym, steam room or fitness classes. Try us for one month and see if you feel healthier and happier?

  • Ideal of you’re starting to train regularly or if you visit twice a week.
  • Simple & transparent – no hidden fees or tie-ins – just pay for a month!
  • A way to get fit, feel good and support the local economy. 

Now that the weather is improving, drop in for a guided tour of the gym, pool or steam room, or CALL 0113 214 6000 to book a FREE gym induction. Meet the instructors and see whether it’s the sort of environment you’ll enjoy using. 

There are a range of MONTHLY packages:

  • SWIM from £25.00 per month (via Pick and Mix)
  • GYM ONLY:  £22.50 (Off Peak) / £25.00 (Peak) per month
  • PICK AND MIX: £25.00 per month                                                                             (Choose two: Gym, Swim, Steam or Fitness Classes) 
  • JUNIOR GYM: £14 per month (for 12-16 year olds)
  • UNLIMITED Membership: £35 per month                                                          Access anytime to the Gym, Pool, Steam Room & Fitness Classes. 

Come and chat to us about the type of fitness programme that you’ll enjoy, and see which classes or workouts you’d benefit from. 

Click here to read the MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS

Call 0113 214 6000 or email hello@bramleybaths and ask for a tour or an induction. 


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