Growing the Garden – Saturday 27 July 11.30am

Image of cherry tomatoes

Our first communal crop of tomatoes – ripened in the sun and heat of the balcony overlooking the pool and watered by you and other people visiting the Baths. Thank you for making them grow and please pick your own next time you’re in.

Come and plant some edibles in the garden at Bramley Baths – Saturday 27 July, 11.30am-12.30pm. 

There’s been some interest from volunteers in developing the planted areas at Bramley Baths to make the space more welcoming and enjoyable for people in the area to use – a garden by the community for the community. The ideas so far include growing fruit and veg that people could pick and eat, sharing gardening tips,  showing kids how to grow things and how to support bees, birds and other wildlife, and experimenting with growing edibiles on the balcony around the pool. Other ideas include upcycling old wooden beach chair frames, with new canvas seats made or decorated by local people, craft and school groups, and having games and toys available for families to use.

A group of Friends have begun to discuss some ideas and would love to involve other people. No experience is needed, just enthusiasm – and you can give a little time, or lots of time -it’s up to you. One idea talked about was to maintain the garden using a self-organizing model that Tamsin Constable suggested, having visited Swillington Farm – which enables people to check a noticeboard for current jobs needed doing in the garden. This approach means people can do as little or as much as they’re able to, drop in on your way to the shops, or spend 10 minutes watering with the family after swimming lessons…We loved the ethos of this and of sharing the results together.

If you’re interested, some of the garden volunteers will be potting out plants that have been donated by Sassy Divas following a brilliant talk they organised in Bramley by Incredible Edible Todmorden, and All Hands On Deck. 

When: Saturday at 11.30am-12.30pm                                                                         Where: Bramley Baths garden.If you’d like to join in, find out more about people’s ideas and contribute your own ideas to making the garden grow…come along! Bring a trowell if you can. Everyone’s welcome for 5 minutes or 60 minutes!

And if you know anyone who might like to donate an old wooden beach chair that other volunteers could upcycle for people to use in the garden, please email – or pop along on Saturday.


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