Gardening Group Begins

Pauline's Pots

The fledgling gardening group, some experienced, some novices, and some very young helpers met up on Saturday 27 July to spend a rain-free hour planting a selection of young veg and fruit plants in the garden at Bramley Baths. Donated by Sassy Divas and All Hands On Deck; pumpkin for Halloween, rhubarb to refer to Bramley’s history, beans, courgette, strawberries, and three types of mint (who knew there were different flavors of mint?) grown at B Whiteley’s Farm in Pudsey – orange mint, chocolate mint, spearmint…..

The big Albenga tomatoes are ripening (and starting to look like prize-winners to us!) in their pots on the balcony and lots of people have pitched in to keep them watered. Basil seeds have been added to see how they fair in the hothouse around the pool. It’s easy to help water the tomatoes, just check the blackboard, and if it hasn’t been ticked off for the day yet, give them a drink.  Help yourselves to the ripe ones, they’re there for everyone to enjoy.

A lovely laid-back start to something we hope more people will enjoy getting involved with. If you’re interested in joining in, volunteering can be as much or as little as you like – and novices like me, are already learning alot from experienced gardeners like Pauline, Alison, Marie and Kevin. Email if you’re interested.


 IMG_20130710_2142271004477_489299677829999_1949495282_n IMG_20130711_201649  1013201_489299637830003_2091191936_n33969_489299644496669_890418877_n1069170_481771935249440_1244092509_nIMG_20130712_1923081004650_489299681163332_469042104_n Image of cherry tomatoes



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