About Us

The Friends of Bramley Baths is a community group, chaired by John Battle, comprised of local residents and supported by community organisations: BARCA, Bramley Elderly Action and Leeds West Academy, who joined forces to keep Bramley Baths open.

In 2011 Leeds City Council invited expressions of interest in a community asset transfer of Bramley Baths. The group came together following a Public Meeting hosted by local MP Rachel Reeves in June 2011 & developed a proposal to run Bramley Baths as a community enterprise. In May 2012, Leeds City Council approved our proposal and invited the Friends of Bramley Baths to take on a 25 year lease with a peppercorn rent. The handover was successfully completed in December 2012 with a staff team ready to begin running Bramley Baths for the benefit of the community. 

On 1st January 2013, Bramley Baths opened for a Big Dip to celebrate the New Year, and the start of a new era as a community-led enterprise. Bramley Baths is managed by Danny Whiteley and a team of lifeguards, teachers and instructors, and governed by a Board representing members of the community, chaired by John Battle.

The Friends work is not done and we need you!  Please help support Bramley Baths by being an active ambassador yourself, helping us to keep it in the public eye and persuading friends, neighbours and colleagues to use the Gym, Steam Room, Swimming Pool, Swimming Classes, Pool Parties, Fitness Classes. We also need people to help share publicity materials in West Leeds and at key points in the city; write to the local paper; call in to local radio programmes; help us host information stalls at events and festivals; post information online and share links on social media.

Can you help us share the stories of this beautiful bathhouse and make sure Bramley Baths stays open for another 109 years? 

If you would like to be a part of the Friends of Bramley Baths or simply be kept updated on all the latest news then just get in touch by emailing friendsofbramlybaths@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @bbathsfriends

To find out more about activities now taking place under the new management at Bramley Baths select ‘Bramley Baths’ on the menu, visit Bramley Baths on facebook or twitter @bramleybaths, or email hello@bramleybaths.com

Statement of purpose

The purpose of Bramley Baths is to:

  1. Act as a social hub for the benefit of the community
  2. Provide a centre for fitness, fun and well being
  3. Enable people to swim and to learn how to swim
  4. Preserve a historic treasure and a local asset

Our Vision for the future

Our vision is to become a long term viable community enterprise strengthening community spirit and acting as the driving force for new community initiatives in Bramley.

We will develop Bramley Baths into a well branded top class affordable attraction providing leisure, fitness and education for all available when people want to use it.

As an employer we will provide a good experience for our employees.

Key Long Term Aims

Over the next 5 years we will

  1. Develop the baths in to a viable sustainable enterprise with a business model appropriate to a community venture including ensuring that it is well  run, effectively marketed and appropriately branded.
  2. Develop Bramley Baths into a top class affordable attraction providing leisure, fitness and education for all and available when people want to use it.
  3. Build strong effective relationships with the community and act as a catalyst for community initiatives in Bramley.
  4. Create a good working environment for employees with appropriate policies procedures and practice.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please can you let me know how to apply for any future positions that may become available at Bramley baths

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